Michael McCoy is one of Australia’s foremost landscape designers and horticulturists. A passionate learner and teacher, Michael is a published author, regular Gardening Australia columnist, and host of the ABC TV’s Dream Gardens.

Having built a significant career and reputation within the industry, Michael is now leveraging his reach and influence to develop a suite of educational and motivational programs targeted at ‘budding’ industry professionals and ‘thinking' home gardeners.

“I’ve been the privileged recipient of garden knowledge and nurturing from my gardening idols, it’s now time for me to invert that knowledge and nurturing.” 

Michael has led international garden tours of distinction all over the world for more than twenty years - but none like this.

I can’t wait to share this journey through some of New Zealand’s best home gardens with you.  Not only will we be visiting mind-blowing destinations, we’ll be teasing apart everything we see, to take both our appreciation and our own designs to a new level. Come prepared to indulge and to learn.”

Throughout the tour Michael will call on a number of the garden owners and designers to help deliver the travelling masterclasses, including the likes of Carolyn Ferraby (Barewood), Penny Zino (Flaxmere), Rosa Davison (Paripuma), Robin Kilty and Sue Monehan (Upton Oaks).