Welcome to Travelling Masterclasses - garden tours like no other.

Meticulously curated by Michael McCoy, the Travelling Masterclass is your opportunity to take your passion for gardens and landscapes to the next level. Visit gardens chosen for their exceptional planting and design qualities and spend time teasing apart their anatomy with like-minded people. 

Under the guidance of one of Australia’s foremost landscape designers, you will learn how to take the best elements of each and apply them to your garden and landscaping designs.

Choose from our current crop of Travelling Masterclasses. We look forward to sharing these unforgettable experiences with you.

The New NAturalism Tour 2020

The New Naturalism Tour 2020

28th August - 11th September, 2020

'The New Naturalism Tour’ takes in the best of the UK and Europe’s contemporary perennial plantings. 

The Life-Changing Design Tour

The Life-Changing Design Tour

16th - 23rd November, 2019

‘The Life-changing Design Tour’ takes in the best home garden designs of New Zealand's picturesque South Island.